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The Oxitronics team is part of the Laboratoire Albert Fert located within Thales Research and Technology in Palaiseau, France. Our main scientific interests are in oxide electronics, spintronics, multiferroics, ferroelectrics and oxide interfaces. This website contains information on our past and current research, our group members and our publications. See also our events page for information on workshops, schools, etc.

1st France-Japan joint Workshop of Oxide Electronics and Spintronics


The 1st France-Japan joint Workshop of Oxide Electronics and Spintronics took place on May 19 and 20 in Paris and Palaiseau. Organized by Hiroshi Naganuma, an associate professor from Tohoku University and currently a visiting scientist at CNRS/Thales, this event gathered 40 participants from Japan and France to discuss recent results in the field. It was sponsored by the Japanese Society of Applied Physics and CNRS.

Tunnel electroresistance goes organic

In collaborthumbnail-FTJs-Bobo-3.jpgation with Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics and Centrale-Supélec, Paris, researchers from the group have shown that organic materials can be used for tunnel barriers in memory devices as a cheaper and eco-friendly replacement of their inorganic counterparts. In this paper, Tian et al. use poly(vinylidene fluoride) with 1-2 layer thickness to achieve giant tunnel electroresistance of 1,000% at room temperature. These results should stimulate further work combining organic spintronics with organic ferroelectrics and will open a new route for low cost, silicon-compatible or potentially rollable organic devices.

Tunnel electroresistance through organic ferroelectrics
B. Tian et al, Nature Commun. 7, 11502(2016)