1st Quantum Oxide Research On-line Meeting

On May 28, 2020, our group organized QUOROM-1, the first all on-line workshop on oxide electronics and quantum oxide materials.

The goal of QUOROM-1 was to bring together scientists from the fields of oxide electronics, multiferroics, spintronics and quantum materials in an all-virtual event. QUOROM-1 should be viewed as an alternative and complementary solution to traditional workshops and conferences, but with a much reduced carbon footprint.

QUOROM-1 was entirely free (you just needed to register) and is followed by QUOROM-2 that will take placed on November 12, 2020. Further editions will be organized, stay tuned.

International School of Oxide Electronics


The 5th edition of the International School of Oxide Electronics took place in from June 25 to July 5, 2019 in Cargèse (Corsica, France). As previous editions, ISOE2019 aimed at gathering PhD students, post-docs, young scientists and senior researchers working in Oxide Electronics for almost two weeks in the peaceful and scenic Cargèse Scientific Institute, to build up the future Oxide Electronics scientific community.

The next edition of ISOE will take place in 2021, in Cargèse.