Room-temperature ferroelectric switching of spin-to-charge conversion in germanium telluride

Prediction of large orbital Edelstein effect in SrTiO3

Non-volatile control of spin-charge conversion in “ferroelectric” two-dimensional electron gases

Electric and antiferromagnetic chiral textures at multiferroic domain walls

Spin-charge conversion in a topological oxide 2DEG

Switching on superferromagnetism

Giant topological Hall effect in oxide thin films

  • Article on the website of our ICMAB collaborators, Oct. 2018
  • News piece on LabEx NanoSaclay website, Oct 2018.

Nanoscale phase separation mapped in NdNiO3

Imaging antiferromagnets with a single spin magnetometer

Learning with ferroelectric solid-state synapses

Tuneable spin texture in a multiferroic

Spin/charge conversion at oxide interfaces

Possessive oxygens tune interfacial magnetism in nickelates

Magnetic mapping of oxide-based tunnel junctions

Electric-field control of magnetic order just above room temperature

BiFeO3, the multitalented material

  • Article in the French Newspaper, Le Monde (June 2013)

Ferroelectric tunnel junctions as a new type of memristor

Interface-induced multiferroicity at room temperature

A conducting electron gas at the surface of an insulator

Electrical, non-volatile, low-power control of spin information

Giant tunnel electroresistance for non-destructive readout of ferroelectric states

Multiple-state memory devices based on multiferroic tunnel junctions

Giant tunnel magnetoresistance in manganite tunnel junctions