Srijani Mallik

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Srijani Mallik received her Ph.D. from the National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar, India. She has worked in the field of organic spintronics and focused on the tuning of magnetic properties of different ferromagnets by creation of spinterface with Fullerene. She has expertise in thin film growth using sputtering and thermal evaporation techniques. She has rigorously used atomic force microscopy, magneto optic Kerr microscopy, polarized neutron reflectometry, ferromagnetic resonance techniques for characterization.

Srijani has joined the oxitronics group in CNRS/Thales as a postdoctoral researcher in April 2019 in a FEINMAN proposal financed by Intel. The project will focus on the study of oxide interfaces as efficient spin-charge converter.


Phone : +33-1-6941-5871
Email : srijani.mallik [at]