Isabella Boventer

Isabella Boventer obtained her Ph.D. in cavity spintronics from the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz in Germany. She studied strongly coupled cavity-photon-magnon systems and their associated quasiparticle, the cavity photon magnon polariton (CMP). After building the experiment including the required cryogenic rods, she investigated the transition of such CMP in the strong coupling regime from the quantum regime at millikelvin temperatures to the classical regime at room temperature. In addition, she developed an approach to create a non-Hermitian system in cavity magnonics and tune the coupling strength between conservative and dissipative coupling regimes. 

In that course, she has rigorously used vector network analysis, ferromagnetic resonance for characterization and input-output theory for the description of the CMPs. From previous studies (Bachelor and Master) she has a background in plasmonics and quantum optics (neutral atoms in optical lattices) as well. She joined the group of Magnonics of Abdelmadjid Anane at the Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales as a Postdoc in May 2019. There she worked on the realization of magnonic crystals based on oxide heterostructures. Additionally, she also worked on antiferromagnetic resonance and spin pumping in canted antiferromagnets and antiferromagnetic cavity spintronics (A-CMPs).

In October 2021 she joined Thales as a Research Engineer, dedicating 50 % of her time on oxide magnonics and quantum devices.


Phone : +33-1-6941-5871
Email : isabella.boventer [at]