Exterior and interior of the sputtering

Sputtering is a physical vapor deposition (PVD) method of thin film deposition, which relies on the condensation on a substrate material of atoms previously ejected from a target material. The latter is achieved through the energetic bombardment of the target by positively charged ionic species (e.g., Ar+).

Our sputtering system (PLAS) is composed of:

  • five cathodes
  • and an automated mechanism that places the substrate holder in the specified position.

The sputtering is used to grow metallic layers.

A confocal sputtering system (CONF) was installed in 2020. A confocal sputtering system configuration is when multiple magnetron sputtering sources are arranged in a specific circular pattern and are aimed at a common focal point. When a substrate is placed near this focal point and rotated on its own axis, it is possible to deposit highly uniform single layers, multi-layers and co-deposited alloy films.